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so sorry....
for not posting for a long time my computer had a bout of the confilcker. arggg! I had no other (easy) way of getting to here so I just waited to find a way to fix it. yes, yes I did fix it. I am just that awesomeriffictasic! that by the way is the new hot word according to me, say it, love it, put it on a T-shirt just don't hate it .

well, time for furst official post
Updated!!!!!! yes!

well, it is time for a yousodumb comparison! it's where I try to convert my brain babble into funny and entertaining stuff! this time is...why popular powers are lamer than the B-list alternative.

okay here are 5 things

1. Flight Vs. super jump
why they think It's better: people think flight is much more fun than super jump because of one reason, you don't have to land. that's pretty much it. oh they say you have better control but that is opinion based.
why it's not: if you where to suddenly lose control of your power where would you be? with flight in a crater, with super jump on the ground relativly safe. why? because you have to learn to land safely with SJ. with flight you can control the landing so you have no preparation for a landing.

2. telepathy vs. mind powers

Why they think it's better: most people think that Telepathy is exactly the same thing as mind powers

Why it's not: telepathy is only one part of mind powers, granted it is a big part. mind powers include, but are not limited to, telekinesis; the power to move objects with your mind, pyrokinesis; the power to start fires with your mind, and telepathy, the power to influence and communicate with other minds.

3. Whatever the green lantern's power is vs. imagination power.

Why they think it's better: well both powers are only limited by the users imagination, I think it's mostly a PR problem, to state it simply, THERE ARE ALMOST NO HEROES WITH IMAGINATION POWERS. there may be some that are so obscure that no one knows them but that's pretty much it.

Why it's not: green lanterns have the imagination of a dyslexic five-year old who watches too much T.V. (ya know T.V. spoils a child's imagination) Have you ever seen what the green lantern does with his near-limitless  powers? He makes slightly-larger-than-normal fists, missiles, occasionally parasols, and somehow uses it to fly. now I know I'm assuming, but I think one must have a pretty massive imagination to bring into reality what one thinks and, therefore, would think of more varied (and funny) ways to stop criminals. one thought would be summoning a brick wall right in front of their kisser when they try to run. heroes and villains CAN be funny; the Joker and Aquaman proved it so that's not a good excuse. The green lantern also has the non sequitar weakness to all things yellow, (apperently because DC thinks that yellow is the opposite of green, news flash, yellow is a part of green!) this means that you can threaten him with a bannana! also, who is The green lantern's greatest foe? I mean every other hero's villain is their opposite: superman is the vangard of goodness, Lex Luthor is a slimy scum-wad of corprate evil. Batman is the serious Dark knight of order, The Joker is the clown prince of chaos. Aquaman is, well as wikipedia would put it "In pop culture, Aquaman has frequently been the subject of mockery for his distinctive powers, which are often comically portrayed as useless in comparison to those of other superheroes." his main villain, I don't know eather it was the black manta or some kind of giant squid, I did not pay attention to any of his segments in the super friends. green lantern's would be....hmm, if we go off weakness it would be big bird in a school bus, if we go off opposites, it would be a nice guy because I rember the green lantern being a douche. crap, I just read the wikipedia entry on the green lantern.... wow just read it your apperently he has a lot of enemys.... to many to list..... at any rate back to the comparisons a perfect enemy for someone who has imagination powers would ether have to be a reality-bender or someone who is more clever than them or both. also the green lantern is in the green lantern corps which means that he has to follow the rules and regulations set by the leaders.

at any rate sorry for the exccedingly long wait, I am super forgetful if i'm luckey i'll remember to update more often. to be continued

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well, hello there! no kneed to stand by the door come in!

......yes you can sit down.

......please don't drink it's unbecoming.

comfortable? good! now for the fun! you see, this is my first time blogging, so pardon me if I offend anyone. (die flak n000bz ph33r my l33t skilzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!11!11!!111!!!!@!!!!) now I intend to be funny (actual Laughing out loud) not

ok? good.


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